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CNC Prototype

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  CNC  Prototypes
  CNC machining allows customers to have a prototype produced out of the real material instead of a photopolymer or polyamide simulant. From nylon to aluminum, Star Prototype specializes in creating the highest quality CNC  prototypes at low cost to the customer. CNC machining is typically used for projects with 50-100 sets of components, as a simulant material is not sufficient for those types of applications.
  CNC Machining Materials
  Star Prototype can manufacture CNC  prototypes out of the following high-quality materials, among others:
  - PMMA (Lucite Acrylic)
  - PC
  - ABS
  - POM (Delrin)
  - PTFE (Teflon)
  - Ultem
  - Noryl
  - Nylon
  We can also machine metals by using heat-shrink cutter holders for our high-speed spindles to ensure cutting accuracy. Common metals used for CNC prototypes include:
  - Aluminum
  - Copper-based materials
  - Tool steel.
  Quality & Inspection
  Star Prototype is committed to producing the highest quality CNC  prototypes. To meet this goal, we have invested in a portable FARO Laser Scanning Arm, which can be positioned next to the machine to inspect 3D parts before they are removed from the machine.
  Additionally, all of our CNC operators attended a technical polytechnic and have undergone further training in-house under our British Master Craftsman Michael Hutchinson. Mike was trained at the British Royal Ordnance Factory and has 28 years of experience of CNC machining including 5-axis machining.